It’s Spa day! We headed to York for the afternoon for a Swedish head, neck & shoulder massage. I booked this ages ago because I wanted it for our anniversary (we’re not married, we got together in September) but the place I wanted was booked for weeks in advance so this was the earliest time available.

I’d never had a Swedish massage before. The girl we were supposed to be booked in with was called Emily so I’m guessed she wasn’t Swedish.

I’d been to a spa before and it was really nice. Plunge pool, ice and hot towels, sauna and steam room etc. We didn’t have any treatments like massage or those hot stone things but we were just happy to slob about in dressing gown and slippers all day and relax.

I wasn’t sure how long we’d be there today but hopefully it’d just be a chance to unwind for a few hours and eat nice food.

Initially when we arrived we were greeted by a lady on the front desk who asked us to fill out a health form and then offered us a bag with a bathrobe, towel and flip flops to use while were there. £16 a pop with £10 refund when you hand it back at the end.

I anticipated this and also expected everything to be too small and I was right. Extra large flip flops and my heels were hanging over the edge, and the bathrobe I had looked like I’d nicked my girlfriend’s robe and squeezed into it. One size definitely doesn’t fit all. Not when your shoulders are massive and you have size 12 feet. 🙈 Realistically we’d just paid £6 for a cloth shopping bag. Ah well it may come in handy I suppose.

Up we went to the spa area after much faffing about because my swimming shorts that I ALWAYS keep in my bag were now missing……of course! £20 for a new pair of rather tight stretchy shorts from the front desk and they didn’t leave much to the imagination. Think budgie smugglers but knee length! At least I had a bathrobe to cover them up…oh hang on no it doesn’t!

We had a short stay in the ‘relaxation suite’ which was quite nice. Stone tiled and heated loungers to lie on we while waited for our therapist to call us in. We weren’t waiting long so didn’t fall asleep and were shown into a quiet room with 2 comfortable looking massage benches.

As I was being asked various questions about how I’d like my massage (if I’d thought quick enough I may have been tempted to say “medium rare please”) I became aware that something was wrong on Liz’s side. She was being told that she couldn’t have the shoulder and neck massage because of her recent cancer operation and treatment as it could damage the removed lymph node area and cause complications. Gutted! She did her best to stay composed despite how upsetting it was to get yet another reminder of how her life has been affected by that bastard of a disease and instead accepted a facial therapy. The therapist was very professional and even though it was disappointing that Liz couldn’t have a massage we were impressed that the therapist knew the dangers and limitations and acted accordingly, offering an alternative instead.

After treatment we headed back down to the pool for a quick sit in the sauna, followed by a few laps in the pool and a sit in the poolside jacuzzi before getting changed out of our rented attire and back to the cafe for food. We’d not had anything since breakfast and it was after 3pm so went for an all day breakfast. Apparently it was 800 calories but we both reckoned it was less. The only really calorific thing on the plate was the single sausage and the white toast but the rest was poached egg, beans and bacon. It filled a space but awoke my hunger monster so I was still a little hungry after. 😂

All in all though a nice experience at Bannatynes in York although next time we go for a spa experience I’ll be trying to save for a stopover at Titanic Spa in Huddersfield. I’ve been there twice, it’s really nice and it’s more of a dedicated spa instead of a gym with a spa section.

Since then it’s been back home, dodging awful Sunday drivers (oh god they were bad both there and back) and then chill out on the bed with Liz and the dog while she bought Christmas presents online and I watched another S&C video, writing notes furiously into my A5 notepad.

Yesterday we did Liz’s movement analysis for my case study and the girl is actually pretty damn flexible. Good start there. I also had a first meeting with a new client starting in January. A young 18yr old rugby player called Jack who’s looking to get some muscle, strength and power going as he’s just moved up from junior to senior rugby. He gone from being one of the biggest to one of the smallest in the squad so we have some work to do. That’s what I call good timing, just as I’ve started my S&C course. Excellent! 😁💪



I don’t like being given things. Birthday presents, Christmas presents, or any other gifts because the beholden feeling that comes with it is overwhelming and I feel smothered and weighed down by it. I can’t accept even presents from Liz because I never have much money so can’t afford to buy anything back of equal value. I know that’s stupid because people don’t give to receive back and if I give something I don’t expect a return gift, but if I receive anything I get that horrible feeling that I owe them something back that I can’t provide.

My family would say that’s because I’m lazy and selfish and maybe I am. Maybe that’s why I never wanted kids. I’d struggle to put them before me. I suppose it’s better than having kids and treating them badly. I’d make a terrible father and they’d get all my mental health issues too, plus a few others no doubt so it’s a good thing I’ve never spawned any.

I need a tablet for next year for my work. So far I’ve been using a clipboard and A4 printouts for my work programmes and sessions and the cost does go up a bit. Not very environmentally friendly, so as of January that’ll hopefully be me. The thing is I mentioned it this morning and Liz decided that’s what she wants to get me for Christmas. Damn! Now I feel like I have to get her something of equal value and equally useful or I’ll have failed her….and as usual I’m skint! I told her I didn’t want it or anything else. I’m now upstairs lying on the bed typing this feeling really shit, but I know if feel worse if she’d got me the tablet.

This is another reason why I don’t like Christmas. All the buying stuff for the sake of it and trying to find the right present. I hate it so much, usually because financially I can’t manage it and I’ve got bills to pay that I’ll struggle with anyway. Debts, car payments, rent and my incoming self assessment bill. I’ve barely got enough for that so a huge outlay on Christmas presents is a massive strain that I just can’t cope with. I’d rather hide in a hole until it’s all over. One year I did actually drive miles away on Christmas Day, all the way to Newcastle on a whim, just to escape all the shit from my family. Hibernation would be nice. Switch me off for 3 days and then switch me back on….or not.

Liz has got to buy something for her secret santa at work. A random gift for someone she doesn’t know that well or even like that much. Why do we do this shit? It makes no sense to me at all.


Yesterday I quit Twitter. I haven’t actually disabled my account as it does have its uses and I do enjoy it. For now though I’ve removed the app from my home screen so I can’t be tempted to dip in and waste minutes scrolling, reading random comments and distracting myself.

I found myself clicking the app as an excuse to distract myself from what I’m supposed to be doing, which is my Strength & Conditioning coursework and the realisation and irrational panic that came with it. Oh shit I’ve actually got a tonne of work to do over the next 12 weeks!

Yes I panicked and since Sunday night found myself on a downward spiral of trying not to think too much about it but also worrying that I’ll never be good enough as these guys already in the job who seem to make it look so easy.

Sets, reps, intensity, strength, power, endurance, hypertrophy, volume, force, macro, meso and microcycles, periodisation, variables, mobility, potentiation, overload, activation, dorsiflexion, plyometrics and many other words that I’ve been familiar and not so familiar with for the last couple of years all arrived together at the front doors of my mind in a huge rush like a Boxing Day sale. Yes I panicked!

I panicked mainly because of the realisation that I’m going to have to change my entire way of working. I need to learn Excel too. I anticipated this as I know I’ve not been as structured and periodised as I could’ve been since starting as a PT. I’m certainly organised, there’s no question there but my periodisation isn’t up to scratch for an S&C coach. That’s what the course is for though.

If you’re not familiar with periodisation, and I wasn’t too clear on the basic definition until yesterday, it’s getting from A to B and planning in detail how to get there. For me it’s a strength and conditioning program, so starting with an athlete or client, finding out their current abilities, testing their movement and abilities both fresh and under fatigue and then moving them forward and progressing them to their goal through a series of weekly programs with regular testing every few weeks to make sure they’re on track.

So for example if you’re training someone for a 10k race happening in March 2019 the macrocycle could be the time from now until the race, so about 3 months from now.

That’s about 12 weeks so we split that into smaller chunks called mesocycles, about 4 weeks for example and at the end of each meso cycle we carry out the initial tests again to see where the athlete is at, check progression and make any programme adjustments necessary.

Breaking each mesocycle into even smaller chucks gives us microcycles which in this case would be about 1 week at a time. During each week the athlete/client would be training between 3-6 times depending on time available and current fitness levels etc.

I learned this originally when I took my PT course 2½ years ago but I must’ve either forgotten it or not completely understood it. I’ve not adopted this way of working and although my clients have progressed it’s not been as rigid and structured as it could’ve been. From here on though I’ll be changing that. I work much better when I have a set of guidelines like this to work to and it makes life so much easier.

Obviously not everyone wants to do the same programme every week for 8-12 weeks so for some clients I’ll have to change things around regularly but for those who want the strength & conditioning programme I’ll be writing up set routines to follow weekly and charging for that. It’ll mean changing things like my price structure and stuff but it should make my working life a lot easier. I hope so anyway.

After watching some of my course videos yesterday I could feel the panic subsiding as it started to make sense what I have to do. Not knowing what I’m doing is one of my panic and anxiety triggers. That’s why I write everything down and plan every session and class that I do. Thinking on my feet has never been a strong point. That’s why I can’t dance. Well I can dance, I can stick to a beat no problem but actually dancing is only possible if it’s a routine and song I’ve learned already. Freestyle? I’ve got no chance! I look like a lost dad at a disco so I just refuse to do it.

Watching the periodisation video yesterday was like a Eureka moment and it was a huge relief. The panic lifted, I stopped feeling depressed and started to get excited again. I’m still a little anxious about the course and the next 11½ weeks to go but much less than before so the relief I feel is unmeasurable.

I may return to Twitter in March, or before if I feel it won’t be a distraction but for now it’s staying off. It’ll do me good to be unplugged for a bit.

In other news the speed & agility work at the weekend killed my running shoes so I can’t run until my new ones arrive. Grrr!


It’s been a weird week. Lots of underlying shit that I’ve only just collated in my head and it’s no wonder I’m a little anxious and feeling a bit low….again!

My new work place is opening tomorrow morning at 9am but I’ll be on a course lifting and learning this weekend so it’s a change from my usual routine. Few of us like change but it’s the things that push us out of our comfort zones that help us grow and develop so in this case I do need to ‘man the fuck up’ and go for it. Sitting feeling sorry for myself and playing the wounded soldier act isn’t going to get me anywhere. I have been doing that a bit lately and it’s a bit pathetic. I’m 43 for fuck sake.

There’s a huge push going on with mental health in the media lately and it’s becoming easy to use it as an excuse to just sit, do nothing and be a victim. I’m not trying to say that it’s not real because for many of us it really is but in my case I just need to pull it together. I’ve had enough of feeling shit.

I’ve got a shit load of stuff going round in my head at the moment and it’s trying my brain a bit, as well as showing itself physically through psoriasis. I just hope it doesn’t develop into alopecia as it did 10 years ago. I lost most of my hair, plus some of my beard and had a shaved head for 18 months. Not nice!

There’s the usual Christmas anxiety and worry that I won’t be able to afford anything as I’m always skint this time of year. Plus I don’t like Christmas anyway and the forced shit that comes with it. Cheer up its Christmas eh? Fuck off.

I had a bump in the car a couple of weeks ago and the repair to my bumper cost me £350 in insurance excess so merry fucking Christmas to me there.

I have a PPI repayment coming (check your PPI folks) but the cheque has gone to my parents address so I’ve had to contact the company and ask for a replacement to be sent to my address. More hassle I don’t need and I doubt it’ll reach me in time to make things easier, or be cleared in time.

There’s my course this weekend which I’m obviously worried about. Will everyone know more than me and will I show myself up as a ‘know nowt’ pretender PT? I really do feel that way sometimes and people tell me not to be daft and I’m good at my job but I have a hard time believing it. It’s going to be a huge effort until my assessment in March with study and training on top of everything else I do week to week.

I don’t want to be a miserable stressed out git but I waste so much time fretting about getting things done in time that I end up doing nothing. It’s called ‘paralysis by analysis’. Thinking about too many things at once so you end up doing nothing because it’s impossible to decide what to do first. I’ve read about this and a solution is to write things down in a list and tackle it one thing at a time. Another good way to remember this is to remember FOCUS. Follow One Course Until Successful.

This is something I clearly need to do more often. I get this on a Monday morning when I’m doing my planning and organising of sessions and clients. Who trained last week, how many sessions do they have left, shall I just sort out who trained on my booking file or open the calendar file as well, then I end up working from pc to phone, then I get a text from a client asking to train on a certain day so end up distracted doing their sessions, eventually find my way back to what I was doing before if I remember and before I know it it’s midday and I haven’t planned a single session. I can’t remember the last time I got all my weeks sessions planned on Monday. I usually get to plan up until Wednesday and then play catch up for the rest of the week. Add to that the distractions from social media, coffee break, lunch break, walk the dog etc etc and my rest day becomes anything but.

I’m sure I’m not the only one with this kind of stuff going on. At least I don’t have kids or family to stress about eh.

I’m currently sat in McDonald’s having a de-stress coffee although I’m surrounded by kids so it’s not helping. New gym is currently in progress trying to get ready for tomorrow so I’m going to head over and offer to help carry stuff before our meeting at 1pm. Even if I’m not training today at least I can do something productive.


An open letter to my family. This may or may not be posted in hard copy to my parents house. I haven’t decided yet. It has the potential to ruin their Christmas, or be dramatised as such, so it’s most likely that it won’t be posted, unless I receive any more unwanted contact from them in the next couple of weeks.

To all of you

I was contacted on Tuesday 27th of November by my eldest niece via text. It just said ‘Happy birthday’. I half expected this one as the same thing happened last year. You all know I don’t wish to be contacted by any of you but some of you keep trying and I’d like you to please stop. No more cards, no more texts, no more messages on my Facebook business account, no more snooping on my friends Facebook accounts. They will block you. I replied with a simple thanks and the reply back was the expected sarcastic response of ‘thanks for the birthday wishes for my 21st’. I got this last year so it was half expected this year and of course in truly predictable form you don’t disappoint. Guilt tripping and expectancy to conform is the biggest part of your game, it always has been and it’s clearly being passed down. Well guess what, I’m not playing. You know this so why do you keep pushing?

I’m a grown man living my own life and I make my own choices and I have chosen to stay away from you all. I don’t have to conform to your set of rules, family or not. I’m not alone in this mindset and have spoken to many people in the same situation who also have nothing to do with their families. Like me they have cut them off in order to safeguard their own mental health. You people however don’t see this and prefer to think of me as mentally ill and in need of medication. Both parents have accused me of this in the past, suggesting that I go back on the tablets because I preferred not to be around you. The problem however is you. You’re not bad people but I can not be part of your toxic unit. You are bad for my health but you will never understand because you refuse to accept or acknowledge it, always dismissing it as pathetic and ridiculous.

You can call me ungrateful, selfish, pathetic, sad or anything you choose but I don’t have to have anything to do with any of you if I don’t want to and there’s nothing you can do about it. Whether it seems wrong to you or not is immaterial. It’s still my choice so please respect that and leave me alone.

You may question over and over again my reasons why after ‘everything you’ve done for me over the years’ and the quoted phrase just mentioned is a huge part of it. Don’t for one second think I’m not grateful for the help I’ve received from you, both financial and emotional, because I am eternally grateful, but I’ve never been allowed to forget it. You’ve kept me beholden since my college years and reminded me over and over about how much you’ve done, how much you put up with etc etc. Isn’t that what parents are supposed to do for their kids, in the hope that they would learn to ‘pay it forward’ instead of being made to feel guilty? I thank you for the time you put in but I shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for it for the rest of my life and that is also what you’ve done to me.

Everything you do comes at a damaging emotional price. You don’t even realise you’re doing it and the only thing I could do was escape it before it destroyed me, or I did or said something I’d regret. When I’m working or with my friends I can be perfectly happy and stay quite upbeat but when I’m around you I don’t like who I become. I’m permanently on edge and expecting an argument or disagreement at any time because that’s what I’ve grown up with. Constant sniping and bickering even in front of friends and sometimes strangers, and endless back stabbing between you all plus all the nauseating false behaviour. Putting on a front because I’m supposed to, turning up at gatherings ‘because it would be nice’ even if I don’t want to be there.

“Can’t you just put a smile on your face while you’re here?”

Yes that. It’s not normal behaviour and it’s damaging. If a person isn’t happy and feels uncomfortable then they shouldn’t be forced into something just to save face. I’m not about to pretend I’m happy if I’m not. You mum did this to me for years. I don’t like crowds of people, especially when it’s fake and being forced to endure it creates massive anxiety leading to depression which I’ve suffered with since my teens. Did you ever wonder why I would often just disappear in the middle of one of your many fancy parties? Now you know, but I don’t expect you to understand and will no doubt dismiss my behaviour as childish as you always have.

My sister accused me yesterday, in her usual sweary objectionable style, of being so far up my own arse and like a soldier out of step but thinking everyone else is wrong. Maybe she should take a long hard look in the mirror, one who once described herself as ‘the coolest mum on the block’.

I don’t want any contact or help or anything from any of you. You can’t ‘fix’ me so don’t try. I’m no longer a member of your family so please move on and enjoy your lives without me. I’m doing just fine as I am, helping people feel better about themselves, paying it forward and trying to improve my own life. I’m not a bad person. I smile at people in the street, I hold doors open for strangers, I offer help when it’s needed, without the expectation of payback, I go above and beyond in my job and I like making people happy because it’s mutually beneficial. I hope you enjoy the rest of your lives.


There, as I’ve already said whether that gets sent out will depend on if it’s needed to be said. Should I receive any more poisonous shit from my reactionary sister and her daughter then it may well end up on my parents doormat. We’ll have to see. Hopefully it won’t and it can just sit here as an explanation and insight into how my parents and other family members behave. If anyone can relate to the things I’ve posted or has any views or experiences please feel free to share.


I’ve been thinking about negatives recently. Negative thoughts, negative people, negative reactions, even negative reps a little in the gym although not so much.

My crazy ex occasionally creeps into my head and I have to stop myself replaying all the crap that happened in our on-off 8 month relationship. It still winds me up how messed up she was and how it still makes me feel sometimes. I’ve never replayed the whole break up day in my head because a big part of me doesn’t want to. It was very damaging few hours. I do wonder if I should go through it one day though, if only to properly put it to bed. Surely something that still bothers you almost 2 and a half years after it happened needs dealing with. She was manipulative, controlling and entirely toxic and I still don’t quite know why I stayed with her for so long when I had so many opportunities to leave. Crazy how you think you can actually help someone until it comes to the point when you just have to protect yourself and escape for good. There’s been no contact since the split although I’ve heard of other past friends having run ins with her and I really feel for them. Luckily though nothing has found its way through to me directly. Let’s hope it stays that way forever.

Another negative that I think about on occasion is my family. I am no longer in contact with my parents through my own choice. It’s mainly my mother that I avoid as she’s extremely controlling and disapproving. I do everything I can to protect my mental health and after years of arguments about stupid things I just decided I’d had enough and cut them out. You can’t choose your family and all mine do is argue with each other to each other about each other. Mum and Dad bicker constantly and will do it in front of anyone. Very embarrassing when your friends are around but they don’t care and never have.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to paint a horrible picture of them because they’re not horrible people. They helped me a lot over the years and I’m extremely grateful to them but my mother in particular has never ever let me forget it and I was reminded constantly how much she’s helped with this & that so I could at least do so-n-so for her etc etc. One of her favourites was “I got you through college” if ever I didn’t fancy doing something. There was always a debt in some way and it’s given me a huge hangup about accepting help or anything from anyone. I don’t like accepting presents or gifts for my birthday or Christmas because I feel I have to repay it and most of the time I can’t afford it so I’d rather have nothing, not celebrate it and buy my own stuff.

The rest of the negative crap that comes through my head is random every day stuff. Things that a lot of us have to deal with. Kids and teenagers wind me up as I have very little patience for them (especially the kids to my left shouting, screaming and running riot while their young mums sit chatting oblivious), bad drivers, laziness and untidiness especially people who litter or don’t put things away at work, pretentiousness, religion, politics, the usual bollocks that winds us all up.

Such negative thoughts when I’m in such a positive working environment. You’d think it would change me, and it has for the most part. I love my job most of the time, although when it gets busy it can be stressful but 80% of the time it’s fun. When I’m at work I am positive, it’s almost like when I used to work behind the bar in my late teens and early 20s. It’s as if you’re wearing a confidence suit and you become a bigger and more confident version of yourself and depression and anxiety is manageable.

I teach an exercise class every week and for the next 3 weeks I’ll be teaching 1 extra as our manager is on maternity leave so I’m covering again. No confidence issues in class, it’s all positive, although do occasionally worry that one day I’ll have a meltdown, get stage fright and run from the building like a scared child if something doesn’t go to plan. It’s when I’m at home with nothing to do that depression and anxiety set in. If I’m given too much time to think then I run the risk of going low. I suppose the key is staying busy but that’s not always possible because when I work too much without rest I end up depressed because I’m tired. It’s a balancing act that I’ve not completely got perfected yet.

I’m starting my level 4 PT course in less than a month and I’m starting to get a little anxious about it. I do worry a lot about whether I’m actually any good at my job and whether this course will highlight that. What if I can’t manage the extra work load on top of everything else I do every week? What if I don’t understand what is required? What if I just don’t get it? I look at other PTs and how much they know, or seem to know, and I just think “I should know that, why don’t I remember it?”. Are they winging it or are they just reading and studying all the time? I just can’t do that. I find that I’m planning sessions most of the time through the week, trying to fit in my own workouts and training my clients.

I feel guilty for having down time and resting because I feel I should be doing something more productive. I suppose everyone needs rest time but I still worry that I’m not making good use of it. Sometimes I just want to sit and do nothing though. I don’t think I’ve felt officially bored for a few years now. There’s always something occupying my time.

I’ve got 2 PT sessions tonight, one in about 13 minutes and then I’m up at 5am to start at 6am in the morning for PT so I’d better stop typing now. Later.


Here’s a few thoughts while they’re in my head.

Today at Hillsborough ParkRun, which was brill by the way, there were more people than usual as it was the 300th Hillsborough ParkRun. Lots of people turned up as expected and it was a great event with cake at the finish line for all finishers.

At races there’s usually a lot of the same faces and running shirts. A mixture of shirts won from races both local, national and international and also running club vests from around the local area.

There’s one running group in particular that just gets on my nerves and it’s the Vegan Runners. The runners as people seem pleasant enough although they do seem to keep within their own group and I don’t think I’ve ever actually spoken to one of them, but I fail to see the need to advertise your diet on your shirt. It’s almost like a strange cult if I’m honest. There’s a popular joke among the rest of us.

How do you know when someone is a vegan?

They’ll tell you…again…and again…and again!

That does seem to be true for the most part. All the vegans I know have made a point of announcing that they are vegan like it’s a badge of honour and must be acknowledged and catered for…and it’s bloody annoying too.

I overheard a girl at ParkRun today saying she was having chocolate cake when she got home, and quickly felt the need to clarify that it was VEGAN chocolate cake. Who gives a shit really? Just say you’re having cake. Well done, go enjoy it.

It’s a personal choice to be a vegan but why the need to inflict their choices on the rest of us who eat meat? My other half works with a vegan and she and her apprentice were left frustrated and hungry for some time on an away day when they walked from restaurant to restaurant and were unable to find one that the vegan would eat in. It took most of their lunch time to find a suitable place to eat, by which time it was almost time to return to their meeting. If that was me I’d have said “ok love, you go find somewhere that serves your lot, we’re eating here. See you back at the office.”

Vegetarians tend to get on with their business without the aggressive tone adopted by the vegans. It only comes up if you’re in a restaurant with them and even then they don’t feel the need to announce it. They’ll just order the veggie option and if anyone notices then it may be discussed before moving on to the next subject.

I understand that the vegan mission is to save the planet and stop everyone eating animals but why the need to be so militant about it? The human race have been eating meat and fish for centuries and it’s our main source of protein. Maybe in the future things will be different but while there are steak houses, fast food burger stalls and the rest then the vegans are fighting a losing battle, for the foreseeable future at least. Maybe that’s why they’re so in-your-face. It’s almost like a food religion and I don’t like religion either. Urgh!

While I’m on the subject of running groups I’ve also recently took a dim view of another popular Sheffield running group. I’m half expecting a little backlash from this one but it’s the Steel City Striders. Individually they can be friendly people. I know one or two of them, but collectively they’re not very friendly at all. I hear they also like to use their elbows so whatever you do don’t get in their way in a race. At Hillsborough today a young lad got pushed over by one of the Striders as he tried to get ahead and that’s not the first time I’ve heard of this happening. Maybe that’s how they’re taught to run.

When I’m running, volunteering or even watching runners after I’ve finished my race I like to encourage other runners on their way to the finish line. This is generally quite well received, although not so much by the Striders. It’s almost as if I’m not worthy of their attention. There’s never a thank you or even an acknowledgement. I’m just some weirdo shouting well done from he side of the road at an elite runner in training right? No, we’re all runners. We all find it tough occasionally and we all like a bit of encouragement….or maybe we don’t.

They seem a bit like Londoners on the underground. You don’t talk to them, if you do you’re strange. They’re elite, you’re not worthy, at least that’s the impression they give. As a club they definitely need to warm up and I’m not talking about a jog around the block.

It could just be that I’m not on their wavelength though. I’m only competitive against myself. In a race I’d rather let the other guy/girl win. I’m not sure that’s how the Striders roll though. It’s push, push, get your arse moving, get on with it, etc. My lot are a lot more relaxed than that and they still manage to improve their running and get PBs so it could just be that we’re polar opposites. Ah well, as long as they don’t assault me or my runners. 🙂

That’s my moan for the day. I’m running tomorrow with Lindsay in Nottingham so hopefully we won’t get preached at by the vegans or pushed over by the Striders. Wish us luck. 😁