Inspire someone!

What do you think when you see this? What words come into your head?

For me it’s words like ‘inspiring, determined, unstoppable, strong, perseverance, driven’

To go out running when you have this shape takes much more mental strength than physical fitness. You’re not only fighting a battle against your own body but also against your own mind, more so than the rest of us in my opinion. It requires an immense amount of determination to walk out the door and go running or do anything physical when you are probably worried about people judging you, kids shouting comments, immature white van men beeping horns etc all while you’re trying to improve yourself. The world can be very cruel and many people don’t think about the effect their actions have on others. Many simply don’t care. Bastards!

A local running group for obese runners had to close down last year due to sustained abuse from the local kids in the area every time they went out. Despicable! These guys should have been applauded and encouraged for not being beaten, not admitting defeat and not continuing to sit on their backsides watching TV and wondering if they’ll ever be fit but not having the will to do anything about it. I would hope that many of these guys found alternative methods of exercise and didn’t give up after being forced off the streets by these morons.

I finished a 10k race yesterday and I’d parked my car opposite the final stretch of the race so I saw the last few runners coming in about half an hour after I’d finished. A heavily overweight lady ran past my car and I just thought ‘Wow, that girl can!’ She was about average height for a lady but at least 4-5 stone over her ideal weight. That’s an amazing mental and physical effort. Good for her!

This morning I was considering it again and it occured to me that her running that distance with all that extra weight would be the same as me running the same distance with a 50-60kg weight strapped to me. I don’t know if I could do that, but she did, and it was inspiring to see that kind of mental and physical courage and strength in action.

This kind of thing needs to happen more. These ladies and gents need to be encouraged. It’s relatively easy for many of us of average size compared to someone carrying an extra half of their bodyweight. All we have to do is get dressed and get out the door which I admit can be hard enough by itself some days. They have to fight an even bigger mental battle, plus they have to work harder and they should be admired and applauded for it.

It takes an astounding amount of courage for an obese person to enter a gym and get on a treadmill or a bike. Anyone who judges, looks down on or makes fun of these brave souls needs to have a stern word with themselves as I’m fairly sure if they were in the same situation they wouldn’t have the courage to do the same.

Keep running big ladies and big gents. You’re the strongest of us all and you prove it just by doing it. 😁👍🏃


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